My work on this piece spans the birth of my second child. In the few quiet moments of late pregnancy and labor I meditated on the meaning of Labyrinth – at first, it is literal, as the lines of this wrap remind me of the ancient single path labyrinth designs. But it goes deeper – in our first birth class, we were asked to draw one of these labyrinths, and consider how birth is much like a labyrinth: the inevitable outcome, the twisting path which often seems backwards and not at all like progress. Several soon-to-be parents from this class then went to a labyrinth walk at Grace Cathedral, and from that event a group was born that remains strong to this day, and has been integral to my sanity as a parent. To me, the labyrinth represents the will to keep moving forward through the seemingly unbearable, the joyful, the sleepless nights and messy floors, the overwhelming love and the straight up overwhelming, and through it all, the ability to find a solace, however faint, that never leaves you on that path.

The way Labyrinth’s draft changes also reminds me of watching children grow – if you look closely, nothing seems to ever change, but somehow further along it’s different and you can’t say just where or when it happened. It was the same kind of pattern for me at the end of this second pregnancy as I went though the experience of prodromal labor – nothing ever changes while at the same time everything is changing. I can’t help but smile a little as I update inventory and product tracking with Labyrinth’s shorthand code: LBR. Labor. Love. Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is an all cotton warp with Tencel weft, woven in a variety of different fancy twills, and measures 70cm wide.


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