In astronomy, an analemma is the shape the sun makes in the sky over a year, seen from the same place and time of day. In poetry, it’s a sign of the infinite change of seasons.

Designed for continuity of use over the changing phases of life with little ones, Analemma starts as a long wrap that can be converted into a skirt and ring sling (the ring sling itself can be further converted into a skirt when the babywearing years are done.) If you look closely, you can see that along the rails are tiny woven in markers as reference points for future skirt panels – this is because the seemingly random placement of lines in the weave will all emerge from the bottom hem of the skirt in the textile’s final form.

Analemma is woven in turned taqueté, so that the opposite face of the fabric shows the same pattern in inverted colors. This means the wrap, and later the ring sling and the skirt, are all reversible. The dominant face swaps at the middle marker, which itself can alternately become a cowl piece (if shorter RS’s or smaller skirts are desired).

The warp is supima cotton, the weft is Tencel, and both are hand dyed in house.

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