her●ring●bone n. a woven twill pattern characterized by offset alternating diagonal stripes, forming a broken “v” motif.


oar●fish n. a rare, elongated, and very large tropical fish reaching up to 36 feet in length, also known as “king of herrings.”


oar●fish●bone n. 1 an original draft by Cat’s Cradle, woven in echo crackle (not twill) and resembling a giant version of herringbone. 2 an inside joke for weave nerds about one weave masquerading as another.


Oarfishbone is 100% cotton – black and white warp, and multicolored weft, hand dyed by Caledonia Cloth. Melissa at Caledonia Cloth used an experimental dyed-on-the-bobbin technique to achieve Oarfishbone’s thick stripes, which blend into one another, pink to orange to yellow, into green, teal, and purple, then back to pink.  Every once in awhile I reversed the direction of the color changes, just for fun.


In keeping with the mashup theme of the draft, the color scheme for the weft was inspired by my personal favorite mashup blog: http://nihilisa-frank.tumblr.com

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