Trellis is the physical adaptation of the winning submission from the Cat’s Cradle Chromatic contest – “Forest Maze.” Contest entries were made using the Cat’s Cradle web app, Chromatic (, which enables the user to swap out colors on previously released Cat’s Cradle designs.

Trellis is a color-shifted version of Labyrinth, and is structurally identical, while replacing Labyrinth’s lavender-to-gold fade with a warm autumn palette. The draft shifts subtly along the length of the fabric, seeming to repeat itself but all the while morphing into new forms – and was inspired by the experience of witnessing growth: the growth of our children, ourselves, or a garden vine (as Labyrinth becomes Trellis.) Where the original spanned the arrival of our youngest child, Trellis has spanned our family’s move across state lines – the fabric in progress held in stasis, yet again, while elsewhere: upheaval, catharsis, new beginnings. The loom welcoming the weaver’s return with a familiar motif, after the hard work of change is complete (for the most part).

Original submission from Danielle:

See/read more about the original Labyrinth release here:

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